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CEO Designer

My name is Vincenzo Auletta,
I live and work in Bella, Italy, where I founded my Design Studio in 1999.
Fed on a diet of model airplanes, science-fiction books, super-heroes manga and cult TV series, I was inexorably forced to pick up pencils and brushes to give vent to my imagination.
After studying mechanical design and having improved the painting techniques, I was finally commissioned for my first professional drawing for a monthly modelling and games publication in 1994.
It was not easy, but after working for various small magazines, I started cooperating with some prestigious kits and games manufacturers, and later, with some of then most popular aviation editors.
…. I became a fulltime professional illustrator and graphic artist.
Today I make different artworks for Aviatin Industries, publishing Editors,  graphic design for my clients and, using my trusty graphic tablet, I can’t forget to paint a number of box cover artwork for Italeri, Dragon, Revell, Miniart, Kinetic, Heller, Ares and others.